There are (3) phases of trade show promotion:


Phase 1: Personalized contact prior to the event.

Pre-sell conference registrants through personalized phone calls, written invitations, direct mail initiatives, social media and/or email communications. To complement your efforts, be sure to leverage digital media by placing exhibiting information on your website, as well as utilizing social networks and mobile marketing to get the message out.


Phase 2: Marketing activities during the show.

This includes live entertainment, hands-on activities, audio-visual programs, unique booth attractions, interactive games, tradeshow giveaways, and food. Tweeting and using other social media posts throughout the show also engage attendees and keep them apprised of what's happening at your booth. Of course, a well-trained, professional, and welcoming trade show team is paramount to success.


Phase 3: Follow-up after the show to convert leads into sales.


Send a personalized handwritten note, along with a customized company information packet or other appropriate material, to booth visitors within a week following the trade show event. For top leads, add a personal phone call to make a lasting impression and reinforce your commitment to service.

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